Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand

Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a small hill state situated in the lap of the Himalayas. Due to being a hill state, here is a prominent place to make excursions. If you are looking for a place of exciting travel, Uttarakhand is your best place. Through this blog, we are telling you about the most attractive and Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand.

Roopkund a thrilling place in Uttarakhand

Roopkund is one of the best places for those who like to go to thrilling places. This place in the Himalayan lap of Uttarakhand is still a place where everyone is scared for their mysteries. Roopkund is situated near the Bedni Bugyal in Chamoli district. Located at an altitude of 5029 meters above sea level. This place is the favorite place for adventure trackers. The way to get here is a bit difficult.

Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand

Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand Roopkund

Roopkund is famous for two things. Here are a beautiful lake and a mysterious human skeleton. Lake Roopkand is also known as the mysterious human skeletons. The exact evidence of the depth of this lake is not known yet. Scientists have done a lot of research on this lake. But until today no one could reach the conclusion.

The mystery of the skeleton near the lake is still unsolved. Many scientists around the world have researched here. But the secret of the skeleton is still a mystery. A lot of stories about these skeletons are popular. Many stories about these skeletons are popular like stormy rain, the anger of Nanda Devi etc. Due to all this, it is one of the thrilling places in Uttarakhand.

Khait Mountain Uttarakhand

Khait Mountain is one of the most mysterious places of Uttarakhand. There is a temple on Khait Mountain which is known as “kaitkhalk“. It is said that the mountain is still the house of the fairy. This temple is famous for the mysterious powers throughout Uttarakhand. Nine women are being worshiped in this temple. These 9 sisters are still believed to be located there.

The Thrilling places of Mussoorie

The queen of the mountains “Mussoorie” is also the best place to for a thrilling journey. Mussoorie is located about 32 kilometers from Uttarakhand’s capital Dehradun. Which is also known as the Queen of the Hills.

Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand

Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand Mussoorie

Jageshwar Dham

Jageshwar is situated in a thick forest about 35 kilometers from Almora. Lord Shiva is worshiped in Jageshwar Dham. Jageshwar is also called the “Fifth Dham” of Uttarakhand. Jageshwar Temple has a group of 125 temples. These huge temples made of large stones are very beautiful. Jaggawar is famous for its architecture. Traveling from Almora to Jageshwar is one of the most exciting journeys. If you see a brilliant example of art, then surely you should visit Jageswar Dham. Jageshwar is also called the “Kashi of Kumaun”.


The place is a mix of spirituality and thrilling journeys. The thrilling experience of rafting with a yoga and Ganga Aarti. Situated in the Himalayan lap, Rishikesh is one of the famous camp destinations in India. Throughout the year, tourists and devouts around the world come to Visit.


Ranikhet is a famous romantic tourist destination of Uttarakhand. Situated at an elevation of about 1870 meters above sea level. This mountain region is a special favorite place for nature lovers. This city was also inhabited by English rule. He set up his army camp here. A magnificent building built by the British which still promotes the beauty of this city. Golf Course Garden is one of Asia’s highest golf course place. This is the famous place of Ranikhet. Ranikhet is one of the most thrilling tourist places to visit.

The valley of flowers

The valley of flowers is in Garhwal area of Uttarakhand state of India. Flowers are found in more than 400 rare species of colorful flowers. This beautiful valley was discovered by Frank Smith and R.L. Holdsworth did in 1930. For nature lovers, this place is like heaven. The flowering valley looks like a big flower garden. This place became a world-famous venue for nature lovers and flower lovers.

Auli India’s Switzerland

Auli is a very romantic place full of snow and velvety grass in Chamoli Garhwal area of Uttarakhand. The height of this site from the sea level is approximately 3049 meters. The most famous tourist destination in Uttarakhand is Auli. One of the most beautiful places of Uttarakhand. It is also known as Switzerland of Uttarakhand. Auli is surrounded by snow-clad hills of the Himalayas. One of the best thrilling place in Uttarakhand.

Binasar Thrilling Places in Uttarakhand

It is a popular tourist destination situated in Almora district. Binasar is situated at an altitude of about 2412 meters above sea level. There is a long chain of peaks in the Himalayas from Binsar. Like Kedarnath, Chukambha, Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nandakot and Pancholi etc. The highest and thrilling hill station in the Kumaon region is Binsar.

Kausani nature lover’s paradise

 History of Kausani is very interesting. There is also a story behind its history. It is said about Kausani, the tourist spot of Bageshwar, that Kaushik Muni had done a harsh treatment at this place, and hence the place was named “Kausani”. The beautiful scenic views, sports, and religious places attract tourists on their way. Situated between Kosi and Gomati rivers, Kausani is called Switzerland of India. 

These are some of the major thrilling places to see in Uttarakhand. Hope you guys have to enjoy this blog. Please comment below if you want to give some suggestions or advice.

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